The Ultimate Truth (2017)

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Mike does it again with this collection of powerful tunes, perfectly crafted and delivered with passion and verve. This is melodic rock at its best, pushing the boundaries and taking you along for the ride. He also imbues his songs with gentle humor when necessary, combining passion with a rocking good time. Download it or order the CD today, and discover the ultimate truth for yourself.

Shot of Reality (2014)

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The CD is a mix of songs that he had written some years ago and some new ones. But regardless of when they were written, the songs are bursting with honest emotions and powerful feelings. Fire it up, and you will feel like you’ve been hit with a spine-tingling shot of reality. Real CD's are available on, and downloads are available also from iTunes and Amazon. You can also stream the songs on Spotify, Slacker and Jango. Click the cover above to learn more about the album. You can purchase physical copies from, and download it on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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